bats in a tree with moon behind

Understanding Batwing in Men: The Uncomfortable Phenomenon and How to Get Some Relief

When it comes to men's health and comfort, there are various concerns that can arise. One such issue is an uncomfortable condition known as "batwin...
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Fresh Balls: The Trusted Anti-Chafing Solution for Men… Myth or Legend?

2023-06-25 Many people ask, is Fresh Balls a real product?   Yes, yes it is! Welcome to the world of Fresh Balls, where comfort and confidence meet...
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How Celebrities Keep Sweat Off the Red Carpet

Olivia @ Fresh Body
2023-03-23 We’re in the throes of awards season, and its crowning event, The Academy Awards (aka The Oscars), is coming up on Sunday March 12th. Fo...
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Keeping the Super Bowl Fresh

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Ever notice that Patrick Mahomes is always wearing a headband beneath his helmet? Or how about the fact that Jalen Hurts wears a little cap? So for...
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How to Tell Someone They Stink

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Letting someone know that they smell bad is not the easiest thing to do… at all. Especially if this other person is someone you care for, you don’t...
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Staying Healthy at Festivals

Olivia @ Fresh Body
About a week ago, Coachella announced their full lineup for this year’s festival, including headliners Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean. This ...
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Feeling Fresh at the Office

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Ah, the office. It’s a concept we all forgot about for a couple of years, but now it’s ready to embrace us once more. For many, we’ve entered the e...
Let’s Talk About It — Breaking the Hygiene Taboo

Let’s Talk About It — Breaking the Hygiene Taboo

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Even though we all take care of ourselves (at least we hope), talking about the way we do so has always carried a stigma in modern society. We’re s...
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New Year, Fresh Routine: 5 Attainable, Healthy Resolutions

Olivia @ Fresh Body

Here are 5 less obvious resolutions that will point you in a healthy, fresh, and mindful direction for the year ahead... 

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Modern Dating: How to Bring Your Best, Freshest Self to the Table

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Regardless of how or who you date, you always want to feel and look your best when the moment comes to finally meet that person face-to-face.
hand washing

What is Hygiene, Exactly?

Olivia @ Fresh Body
Good hygiene not only keeps us feeling better inside and out, but also prevents disease in ourselves and others.
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7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Hygienic Holiday

Olivia @ Fresh Body

Stocking stuffers are a great vehicle for promoting better self-care this holiday season. Let your friends and family head into the new year as their best-feeling, best-smelling selves with these seven stocking stuffer ideas for better hygiene!