7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Hygienic Holiday

It’s the holiday season! That means it’s time to start thinking about what kind of person you want to be—and what good habits you want to pick up—come the new year. To help your loved ones get a head start on those resolutions, look no further than the stockings hanging by the fireplace. 

Stocking stuffers are a great vehicle for promoting better self-care this holiday season. Let your friends and family head into the new year as their best-feeling, best-smelling selves with these seven stocking stuffer ideas for better hygiene!

Chewing Gum

Gum isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to hygiene, but a sugar-free pack in your stocking will ensure you’ve always got fresh breath within reach. Though there is no replacement for brushing, chewing gum can actually keep your teeth cleaner in the short-term!

Hand Sanitizer

We’ve all become a little bit too familiar with Purell and its relatives these past couple of years. That said, flu season is upon us, so it’s never too late to remind your loved ones to keep their hands clean after decking the halls.

Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are here to stay! After having their fad moment a few years ago, these exploding packages of wellness are still favorites of anyone who loves smooth skin, relaxation, or aromatherapy. So… all of us?

Sleep Mask

Getting good sleep is an often-overlooked aspect of a hygienic life. Slipping a sleeping mask into a stocking might be the ultimate solution for those family insomniacs! Plus, they come in many styles and colors, as well as in total blackout varieties. 

Lip Balm

Sure, it’s the holiday season, but that also means it’s dry-skin season. Drop their favorite chapstick or lip balm into the stocking to keep cracked lips at bay all winter long. Overnight lip masks are also really popular for tackling dryness in the night. 

Vitamin C Gummies

What’s more fun than chewing an orange-flavored gummy every morning? Chewing one with health benefits! A bottle of Vitamin C gummies in their stocking will keep their bodies ready for the flu, RSV, COVID, or anything else the holiday season wants to throw their way. 

Hygiene Wipes and Lotions

Fresh Body’s line of personal hygiene products make the best stocking stuffers for a holiday season of self care, both at home and on-the-go. Our sweat-absorbing, quick-drying lotions and wipes prevent wetness, chafing, and keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh from head-to-toe. Toss a bottle into a stocking so your family can feel their best, no matter what the new year brings. 

Happy (and healthy) shopping!

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