Feeling Fresh at the Office

Ah, the office. It’s a concept we all forgot about for a couple of years, but now it’s ready to embrace us once more. For many, we’ve entered the era of hybrid work, which means for at least a couple of days a week, we are commuting and trying to remain fresh and comfortable at a desk all day, through long hours and pointless meetings, communal bathrooms and lackluster snacks.

Especially if your commute lasts a while, you might show up at the office with your body temperature all out of whack, worried about that one person who was coughing on the subway. So what can you do to make sure your day at the office only gets better? According to the CDC, employees who feel healthier are more productive, so it pays off to feel fresh all day long in the office, and there are simple ways to do this. 

For starters, stock your desk or bag with your favorite breath-fresheners, be it mints or gum or even those strange dissolvable mouthwash strips. Giving your oral hygiene a boost before a meeting will let you feel so much more confident. With fresh breath, your good ideas will seem like great ideas (at least to you). 

Keep a fresh scent at your desk, like a tiny diffuser or room spray (as long as your colleagues are ok with it). Giving your area a scent boost every so often can revitalize your work ethic and keep you in a healthier, calmer headspace. A scent you are familiar with from home would be the best, to remind you of all those days you worked in pajamas.

Carry discreet refresh buttons with you, like Fresh Body’s Asswipes, Fresh Balls, or Fresh Breasts. Sitting at a desk all day can give you swampy ass. Attending high profile meetings can throw your sweat glands off their game. Slip away to the bathroom with a pocket-sized wipe or lotion packet, and emerge as though you’ve always felt that good. When your body exudes fresh scents instead of body odor, you and your colleagues will all feel more comfortable getting work done. 

Having these items and more in a dedicated office refresh kit can be the difference between looking forward to the commute and dreading it. Hairbrush or comb, makeup, period products, perfume, eye drops, hand lotion, etc. Anything that has the potential to make you feel fresher and give you that tiny little boost, you should try to bring into the office environment, for maximum mental health and comfort. When you know that you are equipped to keep yourself fresh and productive all day, work becomes a little bit more enjoyable. 

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