Wait... It's called the BONCH??

Taint, gooch, muckett, grundle… and now Bonch? Yep, there’s a new term in town. A term that describes a very particular area. The bridge to nowhere, the continental divide, the pensacola pickle swing… simply put, it’s the space between a man’s balls and your butt. 

Most people avoid the subject altogether, but sometimes you just have to talk about it. How will people know what you are referring to if you don’t use the proper terminology? The technical term used in the medical field is “perineum” - but that’s no fun. Bungle, fleshy funbridge and the inbetwenis… Now that’s more like it!

But why on earth would you want to talk about such a dark and lonely place? Just like your unfinished basement, sometimes you forget it’s even there - and if you have to take a visit it’s usually pretty damp.

Well, it turns out it is one of the most neglected spots on the human body. And because it’s often neglected, it can sometimes suffer from excess moisture, odor - and even chafing.

We all remember to wash behind our ears, and we give plenty of care to our armpits, but what about the legpit? Is there such a thing as a taintiperspirant

Actually, it turns out there is. It’s called Fresh Balls, and it’s the Original Anti-Chafing Deodorant Lotion for men. It’s perfect for keeping your balls fresh and dry, and it even works for the butt side of ball town. Because frankly, that whole area could use the help.

So whether you call it the bung knuckle, the snozzlefroz, the mongolian midway point, the scrotum coaster, the dirty inch, taint meat, assneck, or God’s zipper, let’s all pledge to never disregard this mighty strip of skin again!

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