How Celebrities Keep Sweat Off the Red Carpet

We’re in the throes of awards season, and its crowning event, The Academy Awards (aka The Oscars), is coming up on Sunday March 12th. For many film fans, the excitement begins far before the host takes the stage, with the parade of luxury down the red carpet. 

But with the hot weather of Los Angeles, and gowns that sometimes weigh dozens of pounds, we cannot help but wonder… where are the pit stains?

You see, celebrities who walk the Oscars red carpet are kept cool and beautiful by some of the most accomplished stylists and beauty teams in the industry. Even in ninety-degree heat, these professionals manage to keep sweat off the brows of Hollywood’s elite. How? And what can we, mere civilians, learn from their techniques?

For many celebrity stylists, shoulder pads or bathing suit bra liners can be easily sewn into the pit areas of couture dresses to aid in sweat absorption and avoid the dreaded pit stains. This simple trick is something anyone can take advantage of, since Amazon sells bathing suit liners in bulk for less than $15. These, of course, are alternatives to the dress shields already on the market to deal with these specific issues, also at an affordable price. Similarly, brands sell collar shields to keep mens’ dress collars stiff and stain-free when the going gets hot and sticky. 

For those with a little more cash on hand, celebrity stylists also recommend Botox for keeping sweat at bay, with the stars getting treatments on their face and in their underarms in the days leading up to a big red carpet event. Though not as attainable, occasional Botox treatments from trained professionals have been known to reduce or even temporarily halt perspiration.

Other quick and easy ways to keep sweat at bay? Celebrities might want to check out Fresh Body’s Fresh Breasts (for the ladies) and Fresh Balls (for the guys) lotions, which are all-natural, long-lasting solutions to help prevent sweat, whether you’re walking the red carpet or watching it from the comfort of your couch. Don’t let underboob or crotch moisture ruin your Oscars night.

Celebrities… they’re just like us. They sweat like us, too, but since their careers depend so much on their appearances, they and their teams have learned to master keeping sweat off of red carpets all year long, including at the Oscars. But for those of us without an entourage, the word on the street is that we can achieve similar, dry results without breaking the bank.

“And the Academy Award for Freshest Body goes to…” Maybe you?

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