Apply This Cream On Your Boobs For All Day Lasting Comfort!...Try It and See!!

Around The Clock Comfort For "The Girls"!

  • Help Control Boob Sweat: Fresh Breasts was specifically formulated to help absorb sweat, reduce chafing and the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty & sticky which all women suffer with.
  • Quick-Drying Talc-Less Formula: Applies as a soothing lotion that quickly dries to a silky, clump-free and absorbent powder.
  • Safe Ingredients: Unlike many other deodorants, our scentless formula uses ingredients free of aluminum, parabens, and talc! Fresh Breasts is clinically tested for safety and is hypoallergenic.
  • Why Women LOVE Fresh Breasts! Finally a product to avoid those awkward situations that come with sweaty breasts (AKA: Swoobs) It isn’t by chance that we’ve had thousands of happy customers giving us 5 STAR reviews!


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See Why Customers LOVE Fresh Breasts So Much....

2 pack of fresh breasts
Great Deal
Fresh Breasts™ 2 Pack
$20.95  (Save 23%)
with FREE Shipping
Hygiene For Breasts
Around The Clock Comfort

"Very Soothing On Skin”

"Working outside in the tremendous heat in Central Texas wreaks havoc on sensitive skin. This product has been phenomenal in providing a very comfortable and pleasantly scented 'protective barrier' between sensitive skin areas and clothing that gets extremely uncomfortable and irritating when you're working in high temperature and high humidity conditions."

- Jennifer S.

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Fresh Breasts™ 1 Pack + 15 On-the-Go
$18.95  (Save 23%)
with FREE Shipping
Hygiene For Breasts
Around The Clock Comfort

"Fresh and Dry All Day Long"

"I've purchased this product before, so I was already familiar with the magic that is Fresh Breasts. This stuff is great. It goes on smooth like lotion, and dries like a powder within just a minute or two. It keeps me feeling fresh and DRY all day long. You can also use it between thighs to prevent chafing, but I never wear dresses so I haven't tried that out for myself. Bottom line: this is a must-have for large-busted girls who don't want under boob sweat!!"

- Shaina M.

Best Deal
Fresh Breasts™ 4 Pack
$40.95  (Save 26%)
with FREE Shipping 
Hygiene For Breasts
Around The Clock Comfort

“Stress Sweat Gone"

"Trial run before a conference in Florida: humid weather, drive, fly, ride, present in a hot room, ride, fly. Stress sweating all over. I had rivulets of water trickling down my back during my presentation. Typically this would queue in yucky body odor beyond the pits upon completion. Not this time! I had placed it on female bits top and bottom. I made sure follow previous recommendations to ensure it was a thin amount on dry skin. No mess and no odor. Ready for Florida!"

- Missy A.