Asswipes – For a Skin-Friendly Wiping Experience!

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Experience a wiping experience like none other!

  • Therapeutic Effects: Asswipes moist tissues are rich in chamomile, cucumber, aloe vera, and Vitamin E to have therapeutic, softening, and smoothening effects on your skin!
  • Eight Times More Durable Than Competitors: Made using bonded micro-cloth texture, Asswipes remain durable under 8 times more pressure than the average wet wipe!
  • Biodegradable and Flushable Material: Asswipes are fully compliant with INDA/EDANA’s Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products (GD4) as the material is entirely biodegradable!
  • Skin-Safe Formulation: Being free of fragrance, alcohol, and paraben, Asswipes were designed to be safe to use on the face, pits, feet, and of course, butt!
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“I never thought standard wet or dry tissues had something missing. I realized how wrong I was after using Asswipes for the first time!”  - Megan D.

Carefully Crafted Texture with a Formulation, Perfected for Satisfaction!

Asswipes use a special, patented formula to attain increased satisfaction with each wipe! The formula includes a secret mixture of natural ingredients like chamomile, cucumber, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, working together to moisturize, smoothen, and soften the skin to enhance comfort and prevent undesirable side effects like redness, rash, or itchiness.

  • Chamomile: Has soothing and softening effects on skin!
  • Cucumber: A commonly used and highly accepted skin care solution to moisture, sooth, and relax the skin as well as preventing itchiness, redness, and irritations!
  • Aloe Vera: Enhances rejuvenation, proliferation, and collagen synthesis of the skin!
  • Vitamin E: Helps rejuvenation of the skin and protects against photoaging!

These and a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients you can find in Asswipes work together by first relaxing and soothing the skin to ease it into rejuvenation and give you a better wiping experience after each use! Our patented formulation makes Asswipes great for sensitive skin as it contains anti-irritant properties and hypoallergenic ingredients. Your Asswipes don’t contain any components that are harmful to the skin like alcohol, paraben, or allergy triggering fragrances.

“Asswipes are my go-to wet wipes for the house. I never like using wet wipes as they contain alcohol, and alcohol dries my skin. So, I was stuck with dry tissues. But you know the deal… They don’t clean quite well enough, and they are too harsh on your skin if you use them too often. I learned about Asswipes after starting to search for different alternatives. And after finally finishing my third pack of Asswipes, I can honestly say that they never failed to deliver. They are so smooth on the skin, and they are actually good for your skin, in contrast to any other wet wipe that is currently on the market.”

- Lisa W.

Suitable for Any Situation – Wipe Your Troubles Away!

  • You can take Asswipes anywhere you go and use them in any situation you come across!
  • You can use it on your face, pits, feet, and of course, butt.
  • You can take keep them in your bathroom or take them with you on your backpack.
  • You can keep one in your car and another in your kitchen. Kids can use them as well as adults.
  • Use them on public restrooms, gym locker rooms, or even in the workplace.
  • Take them anywhere you need cleaning, for any dirt that needs wiping!

“I keep one at work and it is tremendously helpful to me.
I have very sensitive skin, so when I’m having lunch at work,
I can’t use the wet tissues from the restaurant. They come in very poor quality and my skin is easily irritated by the alcohol in them. And dry tissues are simply not good enough when it comes to wiping off oil or grease. On top of that, they are too harsh on my skin. It makes them ashy and cracking. But ever since I started keeping a pack of Asswipes on my desk shelf, I can easily use these alcohol-free wet tissues to clean my hands and even in the restroom. And they are unlike any other tissues I’ve used before. They feel like moisturizing creams after use!”

- David T.

“I’ve been using Asswipes around the house for quite some time now and I must say it’s been a delightful experience so far! I first started using Asswipes after a friend’s suggestion. I needed an alcohol-free solution that wouldn’t irritate my skin and make it itchy. Despite what its name suggests, Asswipes are perfect to be used anywhere you need them to be used. I personally carry a pack with me and use them after eating outside!”

- Shelly R.

The Wipe and Flush System – Completely Biodegradable Material!

Tissues in Asswipes are made from natural, cellulose-based material and are completely biodegradable! Asswipes are also in compliance with INDA/EDANA’s Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products (GD4). After you are done using Asswipes, you can simply flush them down the toilet – no need to be concerned!

“Definitely the best on-the-go hygiene solution everyone can use at any time and any situation. A true game-changer. Before stumbling upon Asswipes, I tried to avoid using any sorts of tissues, whether wet or dry. I preferred washing my hands at any chance possible because I think tissues do more evil than good. First of all, dry wiping is not a solution. It doesn’t clean, it doesn’t remove the oil, and it is generally just too harsh on your skin. Yeah, wet wipes can be an alternative if you want to keep your hands free of any dirt. But at what cost? Exposing your skin to alcohol is never a good idea. It dries, irritates, and harms your skin. But unfortunately, most toilets here in the US don’t give you the option to wash your butt after you are done. Thank God, I can use Asswipes for that now. These don’t contain any alcohol. And even beyond that, Asswipes contain aloe vera and cucumber extracts which are actually good for your skin. They are like your daily butt care products. They soften your skin, hydrate them, and provide them with Vitamin E, which is again, good for your skin. These should be the default wet wipes at any restaurant and toilet in the feature!”

- Jeremy M.

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