Modern Dating: How to Bring Your Best, Freshest Self to the Table

Modern Dating: How to Bring Your Best, Freshest Self to the Table

Dating these days may look different than it used to. Now, instead of deciding to go steady over a milkshake, we’re grabbing happy hour drinks and “seeing where things go.” Now, instead of happening upon each other in a pizza parlor, we talk for weeks or months online before meeting in person. Now, that first physical impression is so important. Regardless of how or who you date, you always want to feel and look your best when the moment comes to finally meet that person face-to-face.

Much of the confidence of dating comes from feeling the most comfortable in your own skin—clean, fresh, and ready to face whatever attraction or awkwardness awaits. Not only do you have to get all freshened up before the date, but you also have to have things on hand in case you need to refresh during.

On a date, especially a first date, nerves are natural, and nerves often lead to perspiration. To get ahead of the sweat, apply an antiperspirant beforehand, as well as a deodorant (we love this lotion-based one) that smells great and dries sweat if it emerges. Knowing that beneath your fussed-over date outfit is a clean, fresh-smelling body, you can take on the night with an extra level of comfort. But the work doesn’t stop there.

When you are deciding what to wear for the date, put just as much thought into what’s going into your bag or pockets. Bring some chapstick or lip balm, a travel-sized version of your favorite cologne or perfume, tissues, a tiny mouthwash, and definitely some to-go deodorant. Fresh Body’s travel products are perfect for this purpose.

Excusing yourself to go to the bathroom to freshen up is a totally normal thing to do. Not only will it give your date a moment to take a breath as well and gather their thoughts, but it will allow you to steal away to find a mirror or some privacy to re-up on the products that make you feel fresh. These moments help remove any worries about pit stains or unpleasant odors. Dating—especially with someone you’ve never met before—is a very mental experience, so alleviating any anxieties about your physical comfort will go a long way to making sure the date runs smoothly and that you’re putting your best face (and body) forward.

Everyone has their own pre-date rituals to get them excited for the evening (or whatever activity you have planned). Even though women generally feel more pressure to present perfectly on a date, we all have the things we do to lower the nerves and up the anticipation. Maybe you have a glass or wine or a shot of your liquor of choice. Maybe you meditate (because dating anxiety is a very real thing). Maybe you put on a fashion show of clothing options for your roommate, or get their opinion on which sneakers look best. Maybe you hit the gym hard and take a refreshing shower right before. 

Regardless, those last touches of perfume and deodorant before heading out the door might just be the difference makers between falling flat on the date and rocking it. And as a bonus layer of assurance, add a dab of anti-chafing lotion to your parts most apt to sweat. If you’re feeling clean, you’re feeling confident, so make sure your date night starts fresh and stays fresh. 

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