New Year, Fresh Routine: 5 Attainable, Healthy Resolutions

New Year, Fresh Routine: 5 Attainable, Healthy Resolutions 

The new year is upon us, which means it’s time to decide what kind of person you want to be for the next 365 days. As the clock winds down on 2022, we all make resolutions for how we want to change or improve our lives going forward, and many of these goals are health-related. Going to the gym and eating better are the most common. But if you need some help deciding where to start, here are 5 less obvious resolutions that will point you in a healthy, fresh, and mindful direction for the year ahead. 

Develop a Meditation Practice

When the new year comes around, many of us are focused on slimming that waistline or forcing a loving relationship with leafy greens, but many forget about prioritizing mental health. Meditation is an easy way to clear your mind. There are countless apps and online videos that will guide you through quick morning meditations to energize your day, nighttime meditations to help you fall into a peaceful sleep, or meditations for whenever you need to decompress. Try meditation this new year to seek mental wellness in your every day.

Fall in Love with Hygiene

We all brush our teeth and wash our face (I hope), but hygiene is so much more than that. This new year, decide to pick up some more hygienic practices, like making your bed each day, flossing regularly, or ensuring you stay clean-smelling and dry even when the inside heat is blasting. We’d be remiss to not mention Fresh Body’s line of lotions, which tame sweat to keep you drier and your body wrapped in freshness beneath all those winter layers. Starting this new year, treat your body the way it deserves, both at home, and on-the-go. Bettering your hygiene = loving yourself.

Pick Up a Book

As we get older, our brain loses some of the elasticity that kept us afloat through high school and college. When the new year comes around to remind you that time is passing, answer by deciding to read more. Maybe this is five books a year. Maybe it’s a book a month. Regardless, your mind will thank you for keeping it nourished. If you’re worried about finding the time, try ten minutes right before bed as a start. 

Focus on Self-Love

Instead of using the new year to put your body through the wringer with an expensive gym membership and organic produce—both of which can have great benefits, but I digress—practice loving the body you already have and treating it right. It may sound hokey, but speaking affirmations to yourself; keep a journal of positive thoughts; come to terms with the fact that your body and mind are yours and yours alone. Prioritize loving yourself this new year.

Cut Down on Your Screen Time

This one is a biggie. Not only does decreasing screen time lead to less stress, better sleep, and greater mental acuity, but it gives you time to focus on the things that matter more, like taking a walk or being present with friends. This new year, leave the phone in the other room or put screen time limits in place. You’ll feel so much better for it. 

Happy, Healthy New Year from the team at Fresh Body!

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